Several years ago, we introduced our first line of peanut products. We decided that the vending industry was the best place to initially market our products and build our brand name. It worked so well that we took the same approach with our potato chip linethat we introduced in January of 2009. Due to the popularity of the potato chip category, and the unique flavors that we offer, our chip sales quickly surpassed our peanut sales and we dramatically increased our exposure in the vending industry. This increase in exposure was accomplished by a public demand to make our products available in retail outlets and in large bags. Thousands of phone calls and e-mails (see testimonials) have now prompted us to pursue retail opportunities (see section for details).

Vending is an industry that will always hold a special place in our heart and we will always market our products there. At a time when our brand was unknown, companies in this industry gave us a chance and gave us the brand exposure that now enables us to move into retail. Our thanks go out to the many friends we have made in this industry.