Since the introduction of our chip line, we have received thousands of phone calls and e-mails. The reassuring theme is that they love our product and want it to be available in retail outlets and in large bags. Here are a few samples of the great things people have to say about our wonderful products.

Dear Brother Kane, where have you been all my life? I tried a pack of your chips and I flipped my wig. I bought two more bags and I let some of my co-workers taste them and they had a tizzle. These are the most delicious chips I have ever eaten in my life. I don’t know if you stuck your foot in the bag or whatever, but Brother Kane please make your chips availabie in our area. Thank you for the Awesomeness of flavor in your chips.
- April

So far I have had the Baby Back Rib Chips and I just finished the cracked pepper with salt. You make the BEST chips I have ever tasted!!!! Is there any way I can order larger bags? Eating your chips is as close to a religious experience as I have ever had. YAY BK!!!!!
- Gloria

I found your chips on sale at our local favortie market and thought I’d give them a try. I just started eating the jalapeno chips and am in love. This is the best chip I ‘ve ever eaten. Light, crisp, excellent flavor, not crushed to pieces in the bag. I can’t wait to get into the bag of bleu cheese! I’ll be sure to tell everyone I know to try your chips. Thanks for such a great product.
- Christie

I recently tried a bag of your Buffalo Wing Blue Cheese chips. I seriously want to take the bag out back and get it pregnant! They are stupid good! Please let me know how I can buy more of them (possibly a case?). Thanks!
- Andrew

I just enjoyed the best bag of chips ever in the 62 years I havce lived on this planet. No, I’m not an alien but I am someone who really likes potato chips. I, by chance, bought a bag of your Buffalo Wing and Bleu Cheese chips and they Bleu me away. WOW, thanks for a great chip!
- Larry

Hi! My name is Cliff Ball and I'm writing on behalf of The Electric Krayon in Saint Robert Missouri. Three of the five of us here have become madly addicted to your chips. I believe the other two have only been able to resist because we ate them all before they got a chance to try them. I looked all over online and cant find a way that your average dude can get his hands on them without waiting for the vending machine dude to drop by. This is so not cool. It might even be dangerous for the poor guy to restock the machine. If he doesn't show up with a case of the Cracked Pepper With Salt Chips its probably gonna get ugly. So please save the poor guy some grief and tell us how we can get our hands on some cases of the bigger bags of your chips.
- Cliff

Oh my gravy these are the best thing I have ever eaten! I have bought them all out of the vending machine at my ballet school and I have to have more! Is there anywhere in my zip (34203) where I can buy them?? I have looked everywhere!! <3
- Mariah

I just enjoyed the best bag of chips ever in the 62 years I have lived on this planet. No, I'm not an alien but I am someone who really likes potato chips. I, by chance, bought a bag of your Buffalo Wing and Bleu Cheese chips and they Bleu me away. Wow, thanks for a great chip!
- Larry

I have a bag of home style Cracked Pepper with Salt 7/8oz bag of your Brother Kane Chips and they are WONDERFUL!! I got these from a vending machine but is there any other place I can buy these or can I order directly from you? PLEASE RESPOND!!
- Misty

I work for a big company in Wilmington, NC and they have Brother Kane potato chips in the vending machine. I have absolutely fallen in love with your potato chips.
Thank You,
- Christy

I am wondering where I can buy your potato chips. We have some in our vending machine at work, but the bags are small. Do you sell larger ones? Where can I get them from. I am in Southeastern Wisconsin…
Thank you for your time!
- Liz

These chips are AWESOME! Our office snack machine cannot keep up. Where can I get these chips in bigger bags?
- Kyle

I’ve just discovered your cracked pepper with salt chips in a vending machine and I love them! Where else might I find them?
- Terry

Please tell us where we can find your potato chip “Cracked Pepper and Salt”. They are delicious!
- Linda

I am desperate to find your Buffalo Wing chips! I first had them in a hospital waiting room in Pennsylvania. I can’t find the chips anywhere. Please help! I am 7 months pregnant and crave these chips. Thanks,
- Nicole

Hello my name is caleb and I am inquiring ab out your potato chips. IU have recently received a bag of your Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese and had never seen your brand before. Upon eating them I found that they were very tasty and very satisfying!!! To put it in short they were great. Now I was wondering if you have any other flavors out there and if you maybe had a catalog I would appreciate a response. Thanks for your time.
- Caleb

I was wanting to know when you guys will start making a larger bag of your buffalo blue cheese chips that you can buy in the store. I live in Wichita, Ks. And have found your chips in the vending machines at work (WTI) and I really, really like them. Frankly, they are the best chips that I have ever had, hands down. Unfortunately, I can only get them when I am at work. I would love to see the small bags at convenience stores and or larger bags. Maybe, it is a good thing, that way I won’t gain a bunch of weight.
- Todd

Hi, A friend of mine gave me a bag of your Buffalo Wing Blue Cheese chips to try. These are awesome! Your web site does’t even mention chips. Where can these be purchased? We’ve tried our local stores and Sam’s Club with no luck. We live in Rock Falls, IL – Help! We love them!
- D & W

Hi, The company I work for stocks Brother Kane Potato Chips Buffalo Wing Blue Cheese in our vending machines. I love them!! These are the best Potato Chips I have ever eaten!!!!! Where are these sold in Nashville TN?
- Carolyn

I am a BIG fan of your chips, but I don’t see them on your site???? We have them in our vending machines here at work, but I’ve never seen them in any stores. We are in Fort Smith, AR. Is it just and Arkansas thing?? Can we order them online?? Thanks!
- Sharon

Hi Brother Kane,
We are huge fans of your Cracked Pepper with Salt potato chips. We were wondering if we could order a case from you or where they are available. Thanks,
- Jon & Heather